Parivarthan Drives

What do you do when you see a garbage dump near your home or slabs misplaced from the footpath drains, and don’t see any civic agency going anything to solve the problem? Do you think it is only the duty of the authorities to clean up the mess in public spaces?
Absolutely not, the duty is equally upon each and every citizen to contribute towards the cleanliness and maintenance of public spaces. Only when the government authorities and the citizens work in a synergy we can expect the change that we wish to see!
This is what exactly Youth For Parivarthan does, we receive dozens of requests from local communities every week to help them in transforming an ugly black spot which has become a major headache for the public at large, we connect with the local municipal authorities to get the garbage cleared and with the participation of the local residents along with our volunteers we clean up and beautify the space and transform it into a beautiful spot in just a span of 4-5 hours. Once the Parivarthan has been done, we hand over the spot to the local residents to further maintenance by connecting them with the concerned municipal authorities. So the idea is to create a bridge connection between the government and municipal authorities and the public at large because we can develop a sustainable community only when there is a partnership between the authorities and the public.

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