Name of the Society: Youth For Parivarthan®
Registered office: #1495, 2nd Floor, 24th Main, 27th Cross, Banashankari 2nd Stage, Bangalore - 560070.
Area of operation: Karnataka
Date of Registration: 5th May 2018

Youth for Parivarthan..

People usually complain about what's imperfect and wrong but nobody comes forward to make it perfect or right.. That's where we thought that we, the youth should take a step towards a better society and inspire others to join hands with us for a better society.. We are a youth organization, registered under the Trusts Act.. By youth we don't refer to age but what we mean is youth by heart.. Anybody with a young heart aspiring to bring a positive change in the society is youth and can become a member of Youth For Parivarthan.. Our Hon'ble Prime Minister has called upon the citizens to support him for a clean India through the Swachh Bharath Abhiyaan, it is our paramount duty to contribute our bit for a clean India.. Join us to bring about the change you wish to see!

Youth For Parivarthan is a registered (BSG-4-00049-2018-19) Non-Governmental & Non Profit Organization funded and managed by a group of youth. The organization got registered on the 5th of May, 2018 and the first activity of the same was conducted on the 13th July, 2015. The organization aims to works on 8 areas such as Environment, Health, Education, Cultural, Social, Socio-Political, Relief to the poor and Financial.


Youth For Parivarthan, the brainchild of Amith Amarnath (Founder & President) came to reality when he discussed his idea of starting the organization with his friend Anup Gangur (Vice President). The idea was well supported by other peers, Sanketh (General Secretary), Rakesh (Secretary) and Nishanth (Secretary) who also came together and joined hands for the cause. The organization was registered on the 5th of May, 2018 under the provisions of the Trusts Registration Act, 1882. What started with dedicated members eventually multiplied with more dedicated and like minded members and it still continues to grow. The initial focus was to work on the environment sector and that is when ‘spot-fixing’ became a signature event of the organization. Apart from environmental activities, the organization has also ventured into the areas of education and health. It has been receiving great support from the public at large and in the coming days it aims to expand its activities across Bengaluru.


To identify and work for the impoverished, weaker and vulnerable sections of the society in order to find solutions to the challenges daunting their lives in the sphere of health, education and environment with an aim of initiating a responsible and progressive society based upon social justice and brotherhood. To lay down emphasis on human rights, promote a culture of social service and creating a strategic partnership between the Government and the general public.


A self reliant India.

Significance of our logo..

  • The logo signifies the 8 areas that we are aiming to work on, like education, health, environment, social, cultural, socio-political, relief to the poor and financial.
  • The octagonal shape in the logo also signifies the same.
  • The layers in the logo denotes that we hope to spread across and reach out to the maximum number of people and help them out.
  • The blunt edges signifies that we are not aggressive but we are instead calm and patient.
  • The blue color denotes the universal color as both, the sky and the water are blue in color. The color of the nature!