Youth For Parivarthan is a registered Non-Governmental and Non-Profit Organization which came to be founded on 3″ June, 2014.

The organization is one of the most active NGOs in Bengaluru which has been working towards ‘Swachh Bharat-Swachha Bengaluru’ from even before ‘Swachh Bharat’ became a household term. Apart from spot-fixes the organization also indulges in orphanage and old-age home visits, organizing drawing and other competitions for kids, organizing blood donation, health & dental check-up  camps, awareness campaigns, RECYCLOTHON, voter awareness campaigns, traffic awareness campaigns, tree plantation drives, lake rejuvenation projects, etc.

Bengaluru, once renowned as the ‘Garden City of India’ was hitting global headlines in the year 2014 in a negative way and was being termed as ‘The Garbage City of India’.

For native Bangaloreans this was very hard to digest and it had turned out to be a burning issue. Most people sat back and complained that the authorities and the Government was not doing enough to tackle the issue but not many came forward to take the initiative towards finding effective solution towards tackling the issue at hand. That is when Mr.Amith Amarnath (Founder & President) discussed his idea of starting an organization to work towards the mission of ‘Clean Bengaluru’ with his friend Mr.Anup Gangur (Vice President). The idea was well supported by other peers Mr.Sanketh.S.(General Secretary), Mr.Rakesh Mahadimane (Treasurer) and Mr.Nishanth Rajkumar (Secretary) who also joined hands in bringing Youth For Parivarthan

Initially it was a Herculean task for the team to explain to the public as to what the team was up to as Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan was not launched yet.

The major boost to the organization happened when Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan was launched by our Hon’ble Prime Minister Sri.Narendra Modi on 2nd October 2014, after which Clean India Mission became a nationwide revolution and a household term. Ever since then, the organization has been receiving tremendous support from the public and the tribe has been growing. The youngest member of the organization is 7 years old and the eldest member of the organization is 86 years young. The organization has time and again proved that age is just a number and that a youthful heart is what determines whether a person is youth or not!


“I feel that Youth For Parivarthan is the pride of Bengaluru, They are doing selfless service to the society without any kind of expectations, I wish them more success in the coming days. I hope more and more people join them not just by being mute spectators but by joining hands with them. I convey my regards to eachhh and every volunteer of Youth For Parivarthan on my behalf and also on behalf of the residents of my constituency”. 

Sri. Suresh Kumar

Sri. Suresh Kumar

Education Minister, Government of Karnataka

“There is a big message in the very name of Youth For Parivarthan, change or Parivarthan is always initiated by the youth because it’s always the young people who challenge the status quo, who question long held ideas and they are the ones who always bring change. Youth For Parivarthan is doing very good job across the city of Bengaluru from past several years, they inspire me a lot as well. We will together keep the city clean and do a lot of work together”

Sri. Tejasvi Surya

Sri. Tejasvi Surya

Member of Parliament, Bengaluru South

Yfp is teaching the meaning of civic sense. It is one of the organisations that is leading youth towards positive change . Each and every volunteer is doing great service towards the nation for a great cause.

Vinayak Joshi

Vinayak Joshi



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